The 2023 U.S. MedTech Contract Manufacturing (CDMO) Report
Presented in conjunction with Alira Health

This 2023 CDMO report investigates the current trends in the U.S. Medical Device outsourcing industry. Like 2022, the new year is expected to exhibit the fundamental trends affecting the manufacturing industries in the post-COVID era, where the availability of device components and skilled labor remain scarce.

Looking Ahead: Risk Outlook for the Medical Supply Chain
Presented in conjunction with FTI Consulting

Delayed and cancelled elective surgeries, long lead times, significantly higher costs – this has been the unfortunate state of affairs. COVID-19 spared no industry, and the medical device industry was especially impacted, even while healthcare needs around the world increased. Extensive and unprecedented supply chain disruptions have materialized and sustained over the last 30 months, including raw material shortages, labor challenges, sterilization constraints, and concerns surrounding device security and cybersecurity.

2022 MedTech Contract Manufacturing Report
Presented in conjunction with Alira Health

2021 was a remarkable year for the global medical device industry. Just as healthcare systems were learning to cope with the enduring effects of the pandemic, ramping up procedures, and product demand, device manufacturers were hit by the most severe supply chain crisis in decades. 

A Robotic-Assisted Surgery (RAS) Review: Clinical Landscape, Commercial Arena, and Future Outlook
Presented in conjunction with Alira Health and Hunniwell Lake Ventures

Today’s $7B global Robotics-Assisted Surgery (RAS) market is projected grow to $30B in 2030. Download the RAS report to understand adoption dynamics today – technologies, business models, stakeholders, decision criteria, funding and more – and what’s changing to drive this fast-growing market.

Drug Delivery Devices (DDD) Report
Presented in conjunction with Alira Health

The medical device industry has an opportunity to enhance the patient experience and drive better outcomes through increased adoption of patient-centric
approaches. By giving patients a voice throughout the development lifecycle and pairing those insights with a solid understanding of all stakeholders in the healthcare
ecosystem, the industry can broaden their scope from enabling the proper usage of a device to generating evidence of the device’s positive impact.

2020 Contract Manufacturing Report
Presented in conjunction with Alira Health

This report investigates the market trends and industry dynamics that are driving the growth of the medical device CDMO industry.

This year’s study examines several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to innovation (in terms of patents and approvals), economic impact (exports and share of GDP) and talent (employment, salaries and education).

Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Overview, 2018
Presented in conjunction with Grant Thornton

Massachusetts continues to be a leader in the medical device sector. Download this report to see the 2018 takeaways from the MassMEDIC Annual Meeting.