Through collaborations with companies and individuals in our robust medtech ecosytem, MassMEDIC proudly serves the unique needs of our community – from start-ups, to early-stage companies, and beyond.

By leveraging our united strength and bringing together industry leaders with our specialized Think Tanks, MassMEDIC supports thought leadership, driving conversations and priorities for the industry at large.


IGNITE is an invite-only accelerator program for medtech entrepreneurs, designed and supported by the medtech industry. Through three months of intensive programming, access to on-demand content and one-on-one work with an industry mentor, the program accelerates the founder’s journey during the most vulnerable stage of their company’s lifecycle.


Our CXO Group is an invite-only network of pre-commercial companies whose executives gather on a quarterly basis for networking, information sharing and problem solving at a member location.

Medtech Think Tanks

Our Think Tanks are member-led groups of professionals dedicated to solving pressing industry issues through connection and collaboration. Dedicated to ensuring the long-term health of our medtech ecosystem, MassMEDIC partners with industry leaders to drive discussions on issues of importance.

Current Collaborations Include:

Advocacy Think Tank

Medtech is a federally regulated industry, which means changes in public policy can have a profound and immediate impact on your company. We are champions of the medtech industry, advocating at the state and federal levels to ensure policies protect and support our region’s medtech sector. Our Advocacy Think Tank offers an opportunity for members with significant resources dedicated to state and federal affairs to gather for information sharing and advocacy coordination.

Industry leaders in this group help to shape the position and advocacy strategy for MassMEDIC by discussing, considering, and, if necessary, reaching consensus on action plans for pressing federal policy issues. Activities include developing comments for federal rulemaking (e.g. FDA’s Device Remanufacturing Guidance), and legislative discussion drafts (e.g. Senate HELP Committee PREVENT Pandemics Act) and providing guidance in regard to supporting the organization’s sign-on to certain industry letters in collaboration, many times with fellow industry trade groups.

Patient Engagement Think Tank

The medical device industry has an opportunity to enhance the patient experience and drive better outcomes through increased adoption of patient-centric approaches. By giving patients a voice throughout the development lifecycle and pairing those insights with a solid understanding of all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, the industry can broaden their scope from enabling the proper usage of a device to generating evidence of the device’s positive impact.

Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, which has made strides in patient engagement, there is no broadly accepted industry standard framework to support medical device organizations in gathering and leveraging patient insights during development.

We have partnered with Alira Health to open a think tank of medical device leaders and patient associations with a common goal: to develop a framework around patient engagement practices.

This group explores questions and develops protocols around current issues, including:

  • How should the patient engagement function be implemented at medical device companies?
  • What verticals can be most enhanced through greater patient engagement?
  • How can the industry leverage existing patient data from their devices?
  • When should patient engagement practices begin, at what key points in development should it be included, and when should key stakeholders, including regulatory authorities and payers, be engaged?
  • How does patient engagement relate to reputation management and community engagement, particularly regarding social media management?

Our objective is to outline a standardized process and protocols to advance the patient engagement function in the medical device space.

Patients as Consumers Working Group

More than ever before, individuals are empowered to be in charge of their own health through access to their medical data, leveraging wearables, remote monitoring technology, and electronic medical records. Shifts in the landscape of primary care, driven primarily due to the global pandemic, have also brought telemedicine to the doorstep of many around the world. Partner these advances with a connected care model where digital health and AI solutions are integrated into hospitals, urgent care centers, clinician offices, pharmacies, and even the home, and it creates an exciting opportunity to elevate the way healthcare is experienced.

At the same time, many consumer brands are expanding their services in healthcare and creating new solutions to fulfill different pieces of their missions – from technological innovation to community access – while struggling to navigate a payer and provider system rooted in the past.

The goal of this working group is to bring together an exclusive group of innovators with varying perspectives to discuss the changing nature of healthcare. Centered in thought leadership, success is to identify common issues, develop relationships and decide as a group the meaningful ways to move forward.

What has struck me about this community is its collaborative spirit and the ability to come together to network, partner, share ideas and be a collective force for good. You cannot tell the story of how successful Massachusetts has been, as part of the global hub for the life sciences, without telling the story of the impact of our medical technology companies and anchor organizations like MassMEDIC.

– Kenneth Turner, President & CEO, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

We joined MassMEDIC to become part of a community of colleagues and clients who were already members. I have found tremendous value in attending MassMEDIC events, both for the networking opportunities and the information presented. An hour spent in one of the Council’s sessions provides me with tremendous insight into the challenges my clients are facing.

– Dan Baril, Chief Strategy Officer, TEAM Technologies

I’ve participated in almost every program that exists in our ecosystem, and one thing I can say about IGNITE is the importance of the connection in our small group. It’s a very supportive group. It might not look big from the outside, but when you’re a founder, it’s very important to get that external sup-port from other founders with the same goals as you.

– Azadeh Khanicheh, Co-Founder and President, EnVision Endoscopy