Member Reports

MassMEDIC members are an essential source of information on the latest medical device industry news, issues and trends. We invite members to share reports, white papers and other educational materials on topics of interest to the broader MedTech community. The following is a library of current industry reports offered by MassMEDIC members.

For information on submitting a report to the MassMEDIC library, please contact Edward E. Gavlock-Hommel, MassMEDIC’s Director of Administration, at   


Evaluate MedTech World Preview 2012: A consensus view of the medical device and diagnostic industry 



Indian Medical Device Regulatory Updates 
By Ames Gross, Pacific Bridge Medical 
Updates on China Medical Device Regulations and Healthcare Reforms
By Ames Gross, Pacific Bridge Medical 
Updates on the Chinese Medical Device Industry
By Ames Gross, Pacific Bridge Medical 

Schwartz MSL Issues Medical Device Product Launch Guidebook 

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Insight into the landscape marketers face in launching medical devices in today’s market
  • Checklists on tactics to consider for each launch category: Fundamentals, Challengers, Game Changers
  • A worksheet to help think through assets, issues, resources and details in order to execute a successful product launch