“MassMEDIC has become the largest regional medtech organization in the country by effectively representing the cluster’s interests on public policy matters, delivering timely industry-specific information and training to its members, and providing the best networking opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers, investors and developers.” 

Peter K. Stebbins, Vice President, New Business Development
DePuy, Mitek & Codman, J&J Companies 

“If your business depends on interacting with the region’s medical device community, MassMEDIC offers plenty of opportunities. MDCI, an Aptiv Solutions Company, has been a member for 15 years, and through active involvement we’ve been able to raise awareness of our firm’s CRO and regulatory affairs services.”

Lisa King, Director of Marketing
MDCI, an Aptiv Solutions Company

“I’ve been involved with MassMEDIC’s lobbying efforts for the past eight years. The organization’s grass-roots approach in bringing industry’s concerns to federal and state policy makers has made a difference. The medical device industry can count on MassMEDIC to push for legislation and regulations that encourage innovation and facilitate timely access to new medical technologies.”

Mark Popovsky, M.D., Vice President & Corporate Medical Officer
Haemonetics Corporation

“An unplanned meeting at a 2006 MassMEDIC informational seminar on the Operating Room of the Future, provided an opportunity for Dr. John Frangioni of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and David Comeau of Albright Technologies to explore collaborations on resolving a critical problem on a new oncological surgery project.”

John V. Frangioni, M.D., Ph.D.
Frangioni Laboratory
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 

“We have had great success in leveraging our MassMEDIC membership to help us grow our organization. Council staff helped facilitate a partnership between TDC and another company, and we have gained exposure to a number of experienced, skilled contractors and potential employees through MassMEDIC’s job postings webpage. Tapping into the services the Council offers has helped us achieve our growth objectives in a timely, cost-effective manner. MassMEDIC truly is the hub of the medical device industry in Massachusetts. If you are a medtech company in Massachusetts and you are not a member – you are missing out.”

Jeff Cerier, Vice President of Product Development,
TDC Medical, Inc.

“Our membership in MassMEDIC has significantly helped us raise our profile in the industry. On numerous occasions I have found that a prospective client is already very familiar with Proven Process due to our involvement with MassMEDIC. That kind of exposure helps us establish a valuable dialogue with clients and cements our credibility as an important business partner. Not only is our reputation enhanced by being involved with MassMEDIC, but the Council has done a tremendous job of promoting the interests and the successes of the industry as a whole. Other parts of the country look to Massachusetts as a model of how to create a thriving industry cluster, thanks to MassMEDIC’s efforts to advance the growth of medtech in New England.”

Kenneth Fine, President and CEO,
ProvenProcess Medical Devices

“Since 1999, MassMEDIC’s MedTech Investors Conference has provided a valuable forum for emerging medical device companies to present their innovative technologies before an audience of industry leaders. Nearly 200 early stage companies have gained access to potential investors and partners at the Conference, who have provided them with the critical resources needed to grow their businesses. The Investors Conference also serves as a valuable forum for large medtech companies like Philips to identify and evaluate emerging technologies for potential acquisition opportunities. Indeed, the collaborative partnerships developed at the Conference have made it a pivotal event for the industry – one that brings attendees from every facet of the medtech community together to network and solidify their commitment to the growth and success of the industry.”

Deborah DiSanzo, Vice President and General Manager,
Cardiac Systems, Philips Medical Systems

“Participating in MassMEDIC has significantly contributed to the success of my organization. Being actively involved in the Council’s events and publications helps me to communicate my services to the right audience, which has generated numerous client referrals. Membership in MassMEDIC has allowed me to be recognized as a visible, committed contributor to the medtech industry which not only has expanded my business opportunities, but also connected me to a robust network of industry leaders who I can call upon for ongoing information, support and guidance.”

Barbara Turkington, Principal,
Medical Market Consulting

“We joined MassMEDIC to become part of a community of colleagues and clients who were already members. As a business owner, I have found tremendous value in attending MassMEDIC events, both for the networking opportunities and the information presented. The caliber of MassMEDIC’s seminars is incredible – an hour spent in one of the Council’s sessions provides me with tremendous insight into the challenges my clients are facing and helps me understand how to better serve their needs.”

Dan Baril, Vice President,
Baril Die Company, Inc.