Primary Members

Any for-profit corporation, or any operating division, subsidiary, or affiliate of a for-profit corporation, which is primarily engaged (>50%) in manufacturing medical devices or components directly used in the production of medical devices.

149 Medical

Acera, Inc.


Albright Technologies, Inc. 


American Surgical Company


Associates of Cape Cod

ATC Technologies, Inc.

Avedro, Inc. 

AxioMed LLC

Baren-Boym Company

Baril Corporation

Belmont Instrument Corporation 

BewellConnect Corp.

Bio2 Technologies (Formerly GEO2 Technologies) 

BioDirection, Inc. 

Bitome, Inc.

Boston Engineering Corp.

Boston Medical Products, Inc.

Boyd Technologies 

Bridgemedica, LLC


Cambridge Endoscopic Devices, Inc. 

Cambridge Polymer Group

Carclo Technical Plastics (Formerly Precision Tool & Die)


Catapult Product Development

CBM Industries, Inc.

CeQur Corporation 

Cogmedix, Inc. 

Cogstate Healthcare 

Common Sensing, Inc.

Conmed Corp.

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems


Corindus, Inc.

Corvia Medical (Formerly DC Devices)

Creganna Medical

Crimson Life Sciences (see Trans Perfect Medical Device Solutions)

CSI Manufacturing, Inc. 

Custom Machine, LLC

Cytrellis Biosystems, Inc.

Da Vinci Biomedical Research Products, Inc. 

Damae Medical

DC Devices (See Corvia Medical)

Design Mentor, Inc. 

Diabetic Dabs, Inc.

Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

EarlySense, Inc.

Elucid Bioimaging, Inc. 

Enercon Technologies, Inc.

Epec Engineered Technologies 

Ethide Laboratories, Inc. 

Farm Design, Inc.

Foxx Life Sciences (Formerly Roush Life Sciences)

Fractyl Laboratories, Inc. 

Freudenberg Medical

Full Spectrum Software  


Giner, Inc.

Goddard Technologies, Inc.

Healthcare Optics Research Laboratory-Canon USA, Inc. 

Health Helm, Inc.

Helbling Precision Engineering 

Hyalex Orthopaedics 

IBM Watson Health


InfoBionic, Inc. 

Instrumentation Laboratory


Interstate Specialty Products


Intrinsic Therapeutics

Ivenix, Inc.

Katahdin Industries, Inc.

Key Tech

Kinefac Corporation and Kine-Coil Division/Kinefac Corporation 


KS Manufacturing, Inc.  

LifeMine Therapeutics 

Mack Technologies, Inc.

Manta Product Development, Inc.

MedAcuity Software

Medrobotics Corporation 

MedTech Strategies 

Microchips Biotech

MicroMedicine, Inc.

Mobius Imaging, LLC 

MTD Micro Molding

Myomo, Inc. 

Neograft Technologies, Inc. 



Neurometrix, Inc. 

New England Biolabs

New Health Sciences 

Nihon Kohden Innovation Center 

Northeast Biomedical 

North Shore InnoVentures

Novocure USA, Inc. 


NT Medical (Neu-Tool Design, Inc.)

NxStage Medical, Inc.

NP Medical, Inc. a Nypro/JABIL portfolio company 

OBP Medical Corporation

OK Sealer

OmniGuide, Inc.

ONEighty C Technologies Corp.


Optimum Technologies, Inc.

Opus KSD, Inc.

Origin Product Development 

Path Maker NeuroSystems, Inc.

Pelham Plastics, Inc.

PENTAX Medical

Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing, Inc.  

Phosphorex, Inc.

Pirozzi & Associates 

Portabiles-Healthcare Technologies 

Prapela LLC

Precision Tool & Die (see Carclo Technical Plastics)

Primo Medical Group

Proven Process Medical Devices

RMD Instruments-Medical Department

Rose Plastic USA, LLP

Rotation Medical

SafePath Medical, Inc.

Sage Product Development, Inc. 

Sagentia, Inc.

Sandbox Medical LLC

Sekisui Diagnostics, LLC 

SensOR Medical Laboratories Ltd.

Shinemound Enterprise, Inc. 

Silk Therapeutics, Inc.

SMC Ltd.

Software Quality Consulting, Inc. 

Soltegic LLC

SRS Medical Systems, Inc.  

Sterling Manufacturing  

Suco LLC

Summit Street Medical LLC

Sunrise Labs, Inc.

Surface Solutions Labs, Inc.

T2 Biosystems, Inc.

Tegra Medical


Trans Perfect Medical Device Solutions (Formerly Crimson Life Sciences)

Triple Ring Technologies

TUV Rheinland of North America


Vapotherm, Inc. 


Vascular Insights, LLC

Velico Medical, Inc. 

Vention Medical

Vista Scientific, LLC 

Vistek Medical

Vivonics, Inc. 

Whale Imaging, Inc.