Member Directory

MassMEDIC membership is open to all manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and non-profit organizations involved or with a strong interest in the medical device industry. MassMEDIC is an association of companies, firms, agencies and institutions and does not maintain an individual membership category. MassMEDIC offers five categories of membership:

  • Sustaining Member: The Sustaining Membership category was established by the Board of Directors in 1996 to acknowledge those companies and organizations which have chosen to make a significant financial commitment to MassMEDIC each year. This support, especially critical to MassMEDIC’s development, provides the financial underpinning needed to assure the stable operation of the organization. View Sustaining Member list.
  • Primary Member: Any for-profit corporation, or any operating division, subsidiary, or affiliate of a for-profit corporation, which is primarily engaged (>50%) in manufacturing medical devices or components directly used in the production of medical devices. View Primary Member list.
  • Affiliate Member: Any not-for-profit organization, including colleges and universities, research institutions, public or quasi-public agencies or instrumentalities, and other trade associations. View Affiliate Member list.
  • Associate Member: Any firm, corporation, or other organization with an interest in the medical device industry that does not qualify for membership as a Primary Member or Affiliate Member. View Associate Member list.
  • Divisional Members: Any medical device company that does not maintain a manufacturing facility but does have a sales office or warehouse within the region qualifies as a Divisional Member. View Divisional Member list.