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Survey: Blue skies behind a glass ceiling for women execs in medtech

By Fink Densford in MassDevice, February 2, 2016

A new survey of women executives in medtech reveals that while most feel they hold as much power as their male counterparts, they don’t see the same pay or opportunities for investment.

The survey, managed by Medi-Vantage for MassMedic and the Women in Medtech Program, was initiated to explore current and future challenges for women in executive roles in medtech.

Women represent approximately 78.4% of the labor force in the healthcare industry, according to the Center for American Progress, but are wildly underrepresented on the executive ladder, making up only 14.6% of the executive officer positions in the industry.

Not a single woman holds the corner office at the top 100 medical device companies as listed last year by Medical Device & Outsourcing. The closest contender was Philips Healthcare’s Deborah DiSanzo, who left Philips in July 2014 – though she now heads IBM’s Watson Health unit.

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