Switching on the Social Media in 2015

MedTech executives are increasingly relying on online sources, such as blogs, LinkedIn and Twitter, for news and information on our dynamic and ever-changing industry. In recognition of this trend, MassMEDIC will cease publication of its monthly e-newsletter and turn to social media as its primary electronic means of communication with members starting in January 2015. Online member communication will be directed through three channels: 

  • MassMEDIC Blog: This will serve as the centerpiece of MassMEDIC member communication, featuring commentary on the latest industry news and trends, legislative updates, events information, and guest blogs by members on hot topics impacting the MedTech space. If you are interested in contributing to the MassMEDIC blog, please contact Tom Sommer
  • MassMEDIC LinkedIn Group: With over 1,700 members, the MassMEDIC LinkedIn group offers a valuable means of connecting with MedTech manufacturers, product developers, suppliers, research institutions, academic health centers and others allied to the industry. LinkedIn allows for both MassMEDIC to communicate valuable information to its members, and for the group’s members to network with each other and share information. Since the MassMEDIC LinkedIn group was established in 2010, it has experienced a 250 percent week over week growth rate, with over 70 percent of members at the manager level or higher.
  • MassMEDIC Twitter Account: In 2015, MassMEDIC will significantly expand its use of Twitter as a means of communication to its members and other followers, such as journalists, editors and bloggers. The basis of MassMEDIC’s Tweets will be primarily based on its blog posts. We also plan to grow the number of individuals and organizations we are following on Twitter as another way to keep informed of emerging industry news and trends. Follow us on Twitter: @MassMEDICouncil.