MassMEDIC 18th Annual Conference Program Examines Factors Shaping Our Industry

This year’s MassMEDIC Annual Conference, being held May 7 at UMass-Boston’s Campus Center, will feature presentations by MedTech industry experts and leaders on how the industry is changing – and must change – to survive and thrive in today’s new healthcare reality.

Dr. Laura Mauri, Chief Scientific Officer and Principal Investigator at the Harvard Clinical Research Institute, will discuss important developments in MedTech trials, including advancements in study design and analysis of clinical data; there will be a panel discussion on Designing the Cost Out of Healthcare; and Andrew Wilson of Kadence International will report on industry’s response to recent public policies impacting MedTech operations. Keynote speaker Stephen N. Oesterle, M.D., SVP for Medicine and Technology at Medtronic, Inc., will offer his expert perspective on the future of medical technology innovation.

This is a must-attend event for MedTech community members with a need to learn:

  • How leading MedTech executives view the future of our industry;
  • What changes in data requirements and clinical trial management will affect your company’s product pipeline;
  • What the health care system will expect from medical device sector and how to deliver; and
  • How MedTech companies are coping with the medical device tax, payment reform preparations; and product review delays at the FDA.

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