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MassMEDIC Asked to Provide Actionable Recommendations to Support MedTech Workforce Development

At a meeting of MassMEDIC members and senior Massachusetts government officials held last month, Governor Deval Patrick asked for policy recommendations that would improve the state’s MedTech workforce strength and availability. 

The Governor met with a group of MedTech company executives from Nypro, Sterling Manufacturing, Micron Products and J&J at Operon Resource Management in Lowell to discuss what steps the state could take to address the workforce needs of the medical device industry. Governor Patrick’s newly-appointed Labor Secretary, Rachel Kaprielian, will meet with a MassMEDIC delegation later this month to discuss a group of policy recommendations that will include: improving transportation resources for workers; expanding allowable training expenses under the state’s Workforce Training Grant Fund program; encouraging industry-public school mentoring partnerships; and funding a marketing campaign to attract workers from other MedTech areas to Massachusetts.