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Upcoming Industry Meetings and Events

Institute of Medical Device Development (IMDD) Training Week

July 15-18, 2013

Conference Center at Waltham Woods,
 Waltham, Mass.

Topic: Join the Institute of Medical Device Development (IMDD), some of the medical device industry’s leading trainers and industry technology development executives for four days of training courses specifically developed for industry’s R&D professionals, including design and development engineering, project managers, and other related areas of expertise.

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The 1st International Translational Nanomedicine Conference (ITNANO2013)

July 26 – 28, 2013

Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.

Topic: Based on the excitement and future of nanotechnology-based materials in medicine, Northeastern is hosting the ITNano Conference. Numerous representatives from industry, academia and hospitals will be in attendance.

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